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  • What we did: Automation

Project Goals

Our client was building a complex Single sign-on (SSO) solution requiring a full range of automation that covers API and Web testing on 18 different browsers. Our goal was to prepare an automation platform that allow the QA team to write, prepare and execute automated test cases in clear and readable format.

Our Solution

We have designed and build a Cucumber based project on Ruby which simplify automated test case creation by using Gherkin language. With BBD approach we give the ability to non-technical people like Product Owners and Business Analysts for write test case that later could be included in test automation suites. API testing was also formated as BDD over different Ruby libraries used to send requests and receive responses lately compared or validated against golden responses. Selenium Grid was prepared to handle the need to test on 18 browsers.

As a final step tests results were collected and send to LogEye (automation result storage system).

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