• Client: Da Tech
  • What we did: Automation

Project Goals

Every automation tool as end point generates results that could be in various formats such as XML, HTML, TXT or even PNG. Our client had a bunch of different automation tools and frameworks which except for the execution results also collect log files and screenshots. The goal of the projects was to create a system that will visualize automation results in a simple, clean and readable format no matter what is the automation tool used to gather the results.

Our Solution

We have created a web based system (PHP, MySQL) that can import results from different automation tools. The system calculates the duration and pass rate for each test execution or suite. Automated tests could be linked to manual tests cases described in the test cases management system or linked to defects defined in the bug tracking system like Jira. Test execution runs against different builds or test environments can be compared showing the broken areas. Analysis of the failed tests cases is helped with detailed test logs, files and screenshot that can be attached to the automated tests details.

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