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  • What we did: Automation / DevOps / CI

Project Goals

Our client planned to migrate an old and complex legacy product to a new platform, that had already several other products included. The legacy product had a good level of automation developed using Apache Jelly and HTMLUnit, which was not matching the automation strategy that was already applied for the new platform. That required the old automation framework and tests to be migrated as well.

Our Solution

We’ve used a number of tools to provide a full solution for our client. Cucumber, Selenium and QF-Test have been used for the creation of the new automation framework and the migration of the existing tests. Jenkins has been used as a CI server, Ansible for provisioning the infrastructure at AWS. The solution was developed into 2 different streams driven in parallel - Automation and DevOps. Each stream was divided into several stages.

Automation effort included:

  • Stage 1: Development of a new runner to execute the existing tests as cucumber scenarios, thus transforming the existing XML scenarios to human readable language
  • Stage 2: Migration of the existing HTMLUnit tests to Selenium tests
  • Stage 3: Migration of the existing Jelly tests to QF-Test tests

DevOps stream included:

  • Stage 1: Build creation
  • Stage 2: Product provisioning using Ansible
  • Stage 3: Elastic pipeline that provisions application nodes at AWS and execute all available automated tests

    Tools stack used:

    • Jenkins
    • Terraform
    • Ansible
    • Packer

As a final step tests results and/or coverage reports were collected and send to LogEye (automation result storage system).

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