We are strongly specialized and offer Test Automation, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Performance testing & QA Management consulting.


We offer a full range of Test Automation Services - from design and implementation of proper automation framework that will suit the needs of your project and company, to implementation of actual test cases and test suits that are fully testing your software, thus reducing test cycle times, time to market, costs and improving quality. We have strong background automating web, desktop, and mobile applications as well as API and Web services using various tools like Selenium, QTP, Cucumber, QF-Test, Apium and many other.


Want an automated end-to-end software delivery process that is fast and scalable, at the same time reliable and secure? Our DevOps experts can help you acheive all this thanks to our vast technical expertise and experience. We can consult you to help you improve your existing delivery process as well as we can fully automate all aspects of your organization DevOps process - from tools selection to Branching & Merging Strategies, Build Automation, Pakage Management, Release Management, Automated Environment creation and setup.

Continuous Integration

We can help you improve the quality of your projects by fully implementing Continuous Integration process to your software delivery pipeline. Our CI implementation will allow you to run automation tests on every code change thus helping you find defects as early as possible. What we can do for you is CI server setup, CI Infrastructure (code repository setup), build automation, automated tests and automated deployment. A natural result of adding CI to your process is increase in quality and confidence of builds produced during development.

Performance Testing

We are strongly specialized and focused on performance and load testing of websites. A growing body of research has shown a definitive link between website performance and customer satisfaction. Do you know if your system can handle the anticipated daily load? Do you know the bottlenecks of your website? Are your customers happy with its performance? With our tools and approach we can help you find the answers more quickly than you can imagine.

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