Mobile App CI/CD for Bytes & Minds

Unattended continuous integration and continuous delivery processes for Android and iOS applications

The client:

What we did: CI/CD

The Challenge

Releasing of new features is taking time for build and packaging


  • Manual build and packaging of Android and iOS mobile applications
  • Single Git branch is used for feature development and product releases
  • Increased risk with more chances for human error without regular builds on code change

The Solution

Create unattended continuous integration process


  • Automated build and packaging with reduced time for feature releases
  • Git Workflow process implementation and adoption
  • Reduce risk and discover errors before they happen with code builds on every code change

The ToolStack


We are delighted how fast Oxible managed to automate our mobile app build process. In the beginning, we had just a Bitbucket repository, and now we have a fully unattended CI process that helps us to release new features more regularly.

Krasimir Vasilev
Technology | Co-Founder

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