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Azure hosted elastic continuous integration with Jenkins

The client: Your B Team

What we did: CI

Business Needs

Enable each development team member to be able to build and integrate the newly implemented product feature in isolation. The existing process was unable to scale as part of the dev team grow. Our client faced integration issues between the product components and external API services, which increases the time to market of the product.

Solution and Benefits

We’ve implemented elastic concurrent feature continuous integration environment allowing every product feature to be build and packaged with the latest product shared components and third party service contracts. The continuous integration process is implemented using Jenkins CI, hosted at Azure cloud and integrated with GitHub. The implementation was designed to expand automatically and cover all product CI process requirements.

The implementation enforces a successful CI process before allowing a code change merge to the product main stream branch.

As a result of the process a product package is created ready to be further tested / deployed on a production environment.

With the implementation we achieved:

  • Automatic post commit build process integrated with GitHub
  • Build environment consistency
  • CI environment elasticity
  • Proper product versioning and build process
  • Centralised product artifacts storage

The ToolStack


Thank you very much for your hard work for setting up our preliminary environment and the recommendations you gave us.

Kamen Kamenov
Managing Director

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