RB Project for Experian

The RB Project minimizes decisioning risk by connecting multiple identity and fraud prevention tools

The client:

What we did: Automation / DevOps / CI

Business Needs

The client project was a mediator of already existing identity, fraud and other decisioning standalone applications / services. The goal of the project was to allow clients to combine and chain all existing fraud prevention and analyzes tools in a flow that minimizes risk and loss.

The application deployment was panned to be containerized across multiple geographical regions covering local sensitive data regulations if available.

Solution and Benefits

Our solution was to build immutable docker containers shippable, right after successful execution of the automated tests. The Docker container orchestration was implemented using Chef.

Jenkins CI was managing the continuous integration process. The Cucumber automated tests were implemented using ruby. The continuous integration platform was using docker where predefined distributed setup is started using docker compose.

The ToolStack


Oxible services are of great value to Experian. The DevOps and Automation experts, as well as the know-how that Oxible provides for several strategic projects are key factor for our success. The work they did on the PCC project especially was amazing. The team managed to create a completely new automation framework, CI infrastructure and migrate a vast amount of legacy tests to the new platform working with tight deadlines, thus helping us deliver the entire project on time.

Svetoslav Dimitrov
Software Development Manager

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