Automation Testing

We offer a full range of Test Automation Services - from design and implementation of proper automation framework that will suit the needs of your project and company, to implementation of actual test cases and test suits that are fully testing your software, thus reducing test cycle times, time to market, costs and improving quality. We have strong background automating web, desktop, and mobile applications as well as API and Web services using various tools like Selenium, QTP, Cucumber, QF-Test, Apium and many other.



Test automation frameworks play vital role in the success or failure of any software automation project. Having a proper framework is essential to reduce maintenance costs and testing efforts, to increase reusability of code, and to provide a higher return on investment. It is a tricky job that requires expert knowledge. Our automation QAs have vast experience building frameworks that do not only meet the above criteria, but are in addition flexible, reliable and easily extendable.


Web sites or applications testing is the software area where test automation is most widely used. Nowadays if something happens in a browser it can be automated. We have vast knowhow on how to do proper web automation, starting from the most popular approach of using Selenium with Cucumber and Ruby/Java, to using many other different tools such as UFT, Watir, TestComplete and Ranorex.


Desktop testing is very different from mobile and web testing. Different tools and approaches are necessary to ensure the success of desktop automation. You have to select the one that will best suit your requirements. We have done multiple projects using tools like Sikuli, QF-Test, Selenium and other and can help you make the choice.


Do your application programming interfaces meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance and security? We can help you find out by introducing API Automation to your project using tools such as Soap UI, UFT, Postman, JMeter and even Selenium. API Automation is beneficial for software projects since tests are quicker, much more reliable and easier to create than GUI tests.


Mobile application development is quite dynamic and evolving every day, that is why you need experts that have the experience and are up to date with the latest trends. We can automate the testing of your product or application and ensure it will work properly, efficiently and securely across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. We have strong background automating mobile using tools such as Apium, Ranorex, as well as different emulators and simulators.

Performance Testing

We are strongly specialized and focused on performance and load testing of websites. A growing body of research has shown a definitive link between website performance and customer satisfaction. Do you know if your system can handle the anticipated daily load? Do you know the bottlenecks of your website? Are your customers happy with its performance? With our tools and approach we can help you find the answers more quickly than you can imagine.


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