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We are experts with strong background in Test Automation, DevOps, CI, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Process & Project Management.

Lukian Tabandhzov

Co-Founder, DevOps & CI Expert

Lukian has over 16 years of IT experience in the roles of Java Developer, Build engineer, Release Manager and DevOps Expert. He worked for companies like Aplus Net and Experian. Before joining Oxible Lukian co-founded Equafy - a platform for cross browser testing.

Petar Tsvetkov

Co-Founder, Process/Managment Expert

Petar has over 15 years of IT experience, most of them in the roles of QA Lead/Manager and Software Manager in big companies like Experian and Hewlett-Packard. Petar has strong background in building/developing teams and with process and project management.

Petar Dobrev

Senior Automation/DevOps Expert

Veselin Genchev

Automation/DevOps Expert

Stefan Stoev

Automation/DevOps Expert

Tsvetomir Tsanov

Automation Expert

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