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Automation / DevOps / CI

  • What we did: Automation / DevOps / CI

Project Goals

The client requirement was to facilitate the project continuous integration process including automated tests of the service. In addition to the created CI process a continuous delivery process should be implemented to automate the service production deployment.

The service production deployment was distributed across multiple nodes and multiple service providers which required the automated provisioning to handle with minimal service down time.

Our Solution

We used Jenkins as part of managing the whole CI / CD processes (provision - test - deploy). Cucumber was in use for the automated tests written in java. The service provisioning was implemented using Chef. Right after all tests are executed successfully, service production provision is started.

The continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) processes we created allowed our client to quickly analyze the readiness of any newly developed service business logic and deploy it by pressing a button on production.

The production deployment process we established was able to deploy the service on multiple cloud providers including internal one.

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